I went on Facebook for the first time and months and got thought about TMNT. This is the result.

"yo: pinball owns"

pinball is basically the coolest game you could ever play:

-real mertal balls flying around at high speeds inside basically a miniature theme park in a box

- you get to launch the ball real fast and it can go up a ramp or in a magic hole, sometimes there’s a magnet? sick.

-prety much anything you hit with that ball is going to make some wacky sounds at you. go up a ramp and maybe a lady tells you a secret. check it out.

-mULTIBALL like three balls come out at once and you just jam on those flips and there’s balls flyin all over and just look at those points man you’re gettin the got damn jackpot

-hit the machine when you get mad and it might get angry right back at you and take away your hard earned points or put your ball in the loser zone. this game doesn’t have to take shit from you. back off.

— dropkickpikachu


Beatrice and Benedick being sneaky



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and the lord said ‘take this all of you and eat it, this is my body which will be given up for you” and gordon ramsay replied “bland, dry, and tastless”

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John’s reaction to Sherlock’s deduction : Season1/Season2

-Spot the differences-


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there has never been a more relevant comic

Happy Canada Day.

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"Whodunnit?" is really good, you guys.

There is a reality show airing on ABC over the summer called “Whodunnit?” The on-the-nose title establishes a low-rent murder mystery theme; if we’re feeling unkind, it may call to mind the image of a third-rate knockoff of Clue (the board game, which is a little rudimentary; not the film, which is ambitious, if ultimately unsuccessful).

Instead, it is a brilliant melding of lateral thinking puzzles and the Prisoner’s Dilemma; of genuine competitive strategy and loopy reality show drama; of unabashed sincerity and transparent artificiality; of tongue-in-cheek ribbing and serious meta-textual awareness. It’s also totally bonkers. It’s a small Summer television miracle.

Trust me: this show is no less worthy for its origins in the cramped, sweaty ghetto of Reality TV. I’ve only seen the two episodes aired so far, but if it stays this good, you’ll want to start watching so you can be caught up when I write like 20,000 words about “Whodunnit?” at the end of the season.